Portrait Portfolio

In portrait photography, quality is measured by a photographer’s ability to tell a story or make a statement in a single image. 

Staging, lighting, technique, and retouching are all instrumental factors that can make a “good” photo a “great” one. But when it comes to communicating an idea, nothing is more important than a subject’s expression and body language. That’s why I approach every assignment with the same excitement, creativity, and curiosity that I had on my first shoot. This enthusiasm – which is now backed by over 15 years of experience in editorial and commercial portrait photography -- helps me elicit the right expressions and body language from even the most reticent subjects.

Whatever the context, natural facial expressions and non-contrived body language are paramount. You don’t need to be an actor to strike a great pose—but you do need professional steering. Beyond the subjects themselves, I have a long history of building strong rapport behind-the-scenes, including creative directors, marketing executives, project managers, and other photographers.  I’ve also encountered nearly every lighting situation imaginable and learned to excel in the most challenging environments.

Regardless of the portrait type – editorial, commercial, or fashion – I set the bar high for myself and client satisfaction is my top objective. I don’t just want to know that you’re happy with how you (or the subject) look; I also want to know that you’re 100% confident that the final edits will fulfill all original commercial and/or editorial objectives.  

I take pride in shooting work that gives your portrait the best chance possible to achieve any and all pertinent personal or business marketing objectives (i.e. magazine sales, campaign sales, readership, inquiries, clicks, likes, shares, etc.). Even with extremely tight publication deadlines, I deliver my best work on time and under budget and without headaches.

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