Editorial Portfolio

As a professional editorial photographer, I approach every editorial project with the same goal: let the photos do the talking. 

Whether for a cover story, fashion spread or company brochure, I help individuals and organizations make a strong impression on readers. Iif you need an engaging portrait of a business leader, celebrity, artist, activist, or other personality for a feature story, I have extensive experience shooting high-quality, candid portraits that strike a balance between creativity and commercial effectiveness.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a photo that will really stand out, I have extensive experience in staging diverse environments (industrial, outdoors, interiors, corporate, abstract, etc.), manipulating a wide range of lighting, and post-production editing, including CGI, to create the most eye-catching and memorable photos possible. Both creative (fashion, lifestyle, indie) and business photography clients compliment my ability to capture dynamic portraiture.  My work is characterized by rich lighting, classic composition and modern style, and I always deliver my best work on time, under budget and without headaches.

Click here or call me at (914) 588-9938 ask me a question about my editorial portraiture work, to see my portfolio, or to schedule a shoot.