Commercial Portfolio

As a professional photographer, I specialize in providing high-quality commercial photography that helps my clients cut through the noise and outclass their competition. 

I freelance for a wide range of advertising agencies, corporations, and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

I have over 15 years of experience showcasing people and products in a wide array of different environments including: interiors, industrial settings, showrooms, studio settings, outdoors, etc. This background includes advanced photo editing/retouching and CGI experience. Beyond experience, my professionalism and acute attention to detail has landed me work on award-winning advertising campaigns and Fortune 500 websites. And my ability to get the job done on time, on budget, and without headaches keeps clients coming back for more.

I take pride in shooting and editing work that gives your organization the best chance possible to achieve any and all pertinent business objectives (i.e. magazine sales, product sales, readership, inquiries, clicks, likes, shares, etc.).

Why hire a professional photographer/photo editor?

Appearance is everything.

Photography is the nucleus of all digital and traditional marketing content. It's rarely treated as a top priority, however: It flat-out doesn’t make sense to spend $100K on digital marketing every year without leaving room in the budget for high-quality commercial photography. 

Think about it: like it or not, split-second impressions drive our perceptions and decision making. Whether you need executive portraits or product photos, I make sure you put your best face forward. Beyond all that -- the devil’s in the details. Staging, posture, lighting, technique, camera settings, and retouching are all critical factors to photo quality, and each of these factors demands advanced training. There’s no substitute for experience!

Recent Work:

I recently completed a project for Pure Michigan, released in fall 2015. Pure Michigan tapped into my unique knowledge of the area and my connections with local businesses and notable politicians and corporate leaders to produce a large volume of top-quality work in a compressed schedule.

Call me at (914) 588-9938 or click on the button below to ask me a question about my commercial photography work or to schedule a shoot.